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About Us

24x7 Web Hosting was founded by internet entrepreneurs whose roots where in the programming industry.  Our hardware, software and processes are chosen and configured with the goal of establishing and maintaining the best possible hosting solution for web site programmers.  Our name is suggestive of our round-the-clock, 7 day-per-week service and reliability.


We are confident you will be pleased with the hosting services we provide.  We hope you will be so pleased, you will make us your primary hosting service.  We will work hard to keep your business, and we appreciate any suggestions or feedback you may have. (Feedback@24x7-Web-Hosting.com)


Below is a summary of our current hardware, software and network connections.

Our Intel PIII 1 GHz to 2.0 GHz servers are part of a network that have high speed redundant Internet connectivity as shown below:

Verio OC3 Link to Internet - 155Mbps Max.
Savvis OC3 Link to Internet - 155Mbps Max.
ELI DS3 Link to Internet - 45Mbps Max.
Sonet OC3 to Time Warner #1 - 155Mbps Max
Sonet OC3 to Time Warner #2 - 155Mbps Max
Cogent GB Link to Internet - 1000Mbps Max.
Williams GB Link to Internet - 1000Mbps Max.

This investment in quality bandwidth affords us excellent network performance with a high level of resilience. Our network is fully switched, utilizing high specification components. Replacements for all core equipment are kept on site ensuring fast recovery in the event of equipment failure.


Server hardware
We use industrial strength web server equipment for performance and reliability including Intel Celeron, P3 & P4 with 1 to 2.0 GHz based systems. All servers have at least 1GHz processors, 100Mbit Ethernet adapters, a minimum of 1GB of memory and a server grade mainboard and chipset.



Power System
A dedicated 250Kva electricity supply delivers both three and single phase power to our site. Power is routed through UPS devices and power conditioners before being distributed to server racks thorough industrial strength 16 Amp outlets.



Operating System
Our UNIX-based machines are predominately Linux based currently running RedHat Linux 7.2+



Our Software
Time honored software, with our own bespoke modifications and improvements powers our servers. UNIX installations include a
web server derived from the popular Apache web server in conjunction with the powerful MySQL database server and SquirrelMail and neomail mail server. For your added protection, we have also installed IPChains Firewall software on all servers.




Control Panel
Our industry leading web based control panel is the front end to our powerful server administration and management system. All accounts have Cpanel 5.0 software installed.


















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