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Domain Services - Transfer

Now that you have found us, it would be crazy for you to pay more than $14.95/yr again.


Register a new domain or transfer your existing domain for just $14.95/year.


FAQ abou tthe Domain Transfer Process


All customers have access to these features:

  • Free E-mail Forwarding
  • Free Domain Forwarding
  • Free Customizable DNS
  • Free Business Card Web Page
  • Free Online Domain Manager
  • Free 24/7 Live Phone Support

FAQ about these FREE included services


Register your Domain!
Register your business or personal domain name through us and watch your online presence grow instantly. Only $14.95/year!

Transfer your Existing Domain
Transfer your existing domain name and pay just $14.95/year. Transferring is the process of renewing your domain with a different registration service.  Your additional year of registration will start effective the renewal date of your domain, not the date you transfer to us.  Do not be manipulated or intimidated by your existing high priced domain registrar.  Every domain can be transferred, at no penalty or risk to the owner.  Now that you know we exist, you would be foolish to pay more than $14.95/year.

E-mail Forwarding
E-mail sent to your new e-mail address will be automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail address. For example, if your new e-mail address was president@newdomain.com, you could have your e-mail directed to your.name@ISP.com.


Domain Forwarding 
Already have a web site? With domain forwarding, you can forward your newly registered domain to your existing web site. For example, when a visitor types the new web address, www.newdomain.com, in their web browser, your existing web site (and new domain name) appears.


URL Redirecting 
With URL redirecting, you can redirect your newly registered domain to your existing web site address. For example, when a visitor types the new web address, www.newdomain.com, in their web browser, your existing web site address appears.


Business Card Web Page
With each domain name registration, you receive a customizable business card web page, where you can insert a photo, a page of text, and several links. It's a quick way to establish a web presence using your new domain name.


Transfer your domain  

Please enter one or more domain names in the box below.

  1. Enter one domain per line.
  2. Enter only the domain name and not the URL of a web site.
  3. For example, enter example.com, and not "http://www.example.com"
  4. For .biz, .info, .us, and .cn domains you may optionally supply the registry password (or "auth Info") as provided by the current registrar of the domain. Simply enter the domain name followed by a colon ":" and then the registry password as in "example.info:a9D4cH5". One domain per line.


Domain Registration Tips

1. You can use letters, numbers, and dashes (-) in your domain name.
2. A dash may not start or end the name.
3. You can have up to 67 characters in total!

Adding Domains to your Shopping Cart
We provide you with a convenient shopping cart system that lets you add or remove your selected domains to or from your cart at any time during your visit. You can run multiple searches and add the best domains selected from the returned list to your shopping cart. The contents of your shopping cart will remain as you submit additional searches.

When you are happy with the contents of your shopping cart, you can complete your registration by entering the contact and billing information for the domain(s).






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